Hey friends! Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be favored over others? Why did he get promoted? How did she get that new assignment?  Maybe you have said  to  yourself I cannot catch a break in this work environment, there has to be more.  You have a desire, a hunger for increase, raises, promotions, basically elevation. Perhaps you need to engage at a higher level and your current role is not challenging…in fact it’s boring. Well today I’m sharing 5 ways to increase your value in the workplace which should help to put you on  a path ( should you  choose to listen) that leads to  fulfillment  in the workplace.

  1. Show Up- Go to work! Stop calling in sick every other Monday and payday Friday. I remember in elementary school every morning the teacher would “ call the roll” and we were told to either answer here or present. How many of you know that there is a difference in the two responses? The response Here suggests that I did just enough to get here. I “checked” the box-here I made it now what? The response Present suggests that not only am I here but I came prepared, I am ready to engage, I am “all in”. As I think back even the body posture revealed students interest in school or the lack thereof…..most students who responded Here had a posture that did not suggest that they were alert, interested or enthused about education.Most  students were slouching down in their seats or resting their chins  on their desk or the palm of their hand or even talking to someone else and just yelled out Here. On the other hand the kids who responded Present were usually seated upright in their chairs, looking straight ahead making eye contact with the teacher, books opened and ready for today’s lesson. Coach, what’s the message? In order to increase your value you must Show Up by being present for your daily assignments,  being  ready to level up, and overall  being prepared in the workplace and in your life.
  2. Be Consistent– to be consistent is to demonstrate a repeatable process. In project management when we are developing processes, we aim to build processes that are repeatable so that people can perform the tasks using the same steps each time, thereby yielding a consistent and sustainable result. Your work life should be consistent if you want to increase your value. You cannot be “ the whiner” when things go awry but the “ the cheerleader” when things are good. Consistency is dependency. Can your manager, director, team members count on you?  Are you consistent in the way you deliver your work as an employee and team member or In  the way you display your attitude at work?
  3. Raise Your Hand-in order to increase your value sometimes you will need to Raise Your Hand! We often make the mistake of thinking that our leaders, managers,and supervisors see our good work so surely the next raise or promotion is mine. Not so! I want to challenge your thinking in this area. To perform is an expectation on any job, it is a basic  expectation…., that’s  why they hired you. You earn a pay check for performing. In order to increase your value , you have to Ask  for expanded responsibilities, Volunteer for other assignments (as long as it does not negatively impact your core job), let it be known through your consistent performance  that you have More to offer. Great leaders  like employees who seek them out for opportunities. There is usually more work than laborers and in lean times, employers and employees are expected to do more with less. What can you Raise Your Hand for today to increase your value?
  4. Get Uncomfortable- if you want to increase your value prepare to get uncomfortable. There is no growth in your comfort zone. Recently I was in a leadership coaching  session and we discussed the topic of moving last your comfort zone. One of the reasons most people dread stepping outside their safe zone/comfort zone is FEAR. Our lead coach made a remark that shifted the discussion…she said fear will always be there but we have to move forward in spite of it. We must take COURAGE and do it anyway. Getting uncomfortable signifies growth is coming. In order to increase your value you must seek out these opportunities that make you uncomfortable! What growth opportunity have you been running from? What is making you uncomfortable in the workplace?
  5. Toot Your Own Horn— Stop waiting on someone else to tell people how great you are….Be your own walking   I remember back in the late  1990’s I was promoted to an assistant managers position. I was the first African-American female in our organization to be promoted to this level. I really did not share this news with many people other than my close family members and the office staff. Shortly, after receiving this promotion,   the Senior Vice President of Human Resources  visited our office and spoke during one of our monthly meetings  and she spoke these words, “ it’s okay to toot your own horn”.  The message behind these words centered  around making yourself visible in the organization. Sometimes we shy away from telling others about our blessings and good fortune because it can seem braggadocios.  Tooting your own horn is liberating, it is empowering and is inspiring to others. Your success, great or small is a lighthouse to someone. It is the hope that another person may need to keep moving forward. Although others may benefit from your accomplishment, remember to celebrate YOU! You should celebrate every milestone/ accomplishment.. It’s not bragging its tooting!  When sharing with others  do it in good taste, being respectful of protocol while “tooting” your horn. If you  don’t toot fir yourself who will?  What have you done  lately that deserves a “ toot?”


Until next time…..Keep Moving Forward!


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