“Errin is a detail oriented, organized and compassionate individual who served as my Life-Coach during my time as a student in the MSK Foundation’s Life Coaching & Leadership Program. She exercised the necesary skill-set to inspire and nurture my aspirations to excel personally, professionally and educationally. It is because of her diligence and influence, that I ultimately achieved the success of becoming a 2011 Graduate of the MSK Program, as an Author of my second book and as an enrolled student of Liberty University.”(Joyce Gilmer)

Errin is such an amazing project manager–committed to every detail, milestone, and deliverable! You can’t go wrong with utilizing her services. Errin is one of the best.” ( Nasheka Powell)

“Coach Errin was (and still is) a great leader and coach. She is always there when needed, she is quick to respond to a phone calls, text, and e-mails. More than anything I can say that Coach Errin loves what she does and she is dedicated to her “players” wholeheartedly. You could not ask for a better coach or leader!”” (Keontay Vaughn)

“Errin is results oriented, personable, and elicits the highest level of productivity from her team. I had the pleasure of working with Errin on CRM. Errin was given the CRM project, several months after the project began. Errin was new to the environment; however, she quickly gained an understanding of the project. She immediately began to working with the Sponsor, CRM team, and end user to diminish concerns. Her management and decision making skills were invaluable in delivering the CRM product. Errin was attentive to her end user needs while staying within the budget, time, and schedule constraints of the project. Errin is an invaluable asset to any organization.””(Vickey Ponder)

“I’ve found Errin to be a leader with strong passion and commitment to everyone and everything she touches. Errin is results oriented, a strategic and forward thinker, and  financially savvy.”(Michelle Hines)

“Errin leads with integrity and passion in all aspects of her role. She believes in motivating, developing, and communicating honestly with her employees on all levels. She is results driven, proactive, and self motivated. Errin clearly understands the importance of building strong relationships with her team and customers internal/external, so that successful partnerships are formed. If you’re looking for someone that knows how to be a Great leader, then Errin is the answer.” (Yolanda Bradford-Brown)